Top Best Free Firewall 2017

Best Free Firewall

The Best Free Firewall


Firewall is a network security system which can help to your system to prevent from incoming malicious activities and also secure your outgoing internet connection. Firewall actually a strong wall between your computer system to between the internet.

If anyone can send a malicious activity on your system then the firewall is blocked that activity and filter it and sent secure internet packets to your system.

Almost 80 percent computer users use Microsoft Windows Operating System, after the 1990s. Microsoft facing a huge amount of malicious attacks on their windows after that they began to build an own Firewall for windows, but still malicious attacks strike on windows.

That why WebHackMag will tell you today the Best Free Firewall to improve your security of the windows. You strictly enable the firewall to secure your internet connection, because of every day more that 30,000 websites as well as computers under hacking attacks.

1. ZoneAlarm free Firewall:

Best Free Firewall

At the top of the list of the Best Free Firewall is ZoneAlarm which can provide you with real-time protection and special features for wireless connections.

ZoneAlarm is used all over the world and it’s a very known firewall as well as anti-virus software, ZoneAlarm was first in Firewall list because they provide real-time security and it having some cool features like ZoneAlarm will hides all open ports, identifies potentially unwanted traffic, automatically disabled malicious programs and connected to the DefenseNet, which provides real-time web security updates and block the new threats, it can also protect user computer system over public Wi-Fi connection.

Download: ZoneAlarm firewall

2.Comodo Firewall:

comodo Best Free Firewall

Effectively but some noisy features, it prevents the malware interfering with your computer system.

Comodo Firewall is worth taking you time when installing because Comodo Firewall comes with the inbuilt browser.

Comodo Free firewall will give a nice app user interface which is a small window at the top right of your desktop screen, it can provide a one-click access. You can also set rules for the specific program which is incoming allowing traffic, outgoing traffic etc.

Download: Comodo Free Firewall


3. PeerBlock:

peerblock  Best Free Firewall

Firewalls are having lots of features that can be like a firewall protection, theft protection, anti-virus protection etc. but the PeerBlock is a firewall which having designed especially for the regular filesharers.

PeerBlock firewall designed to protect a traffic from IP addresses that your system does not trust on that connections. And In this PeerBlock is only doing one job and perfectly focus on them without any intervention from the user.

At the time of installed PeerBlock will ask you to choose which types of website you want to free from the firewall. And the best thing of the PeerBlock firewall is it automatically updates, and keep updates the block list of everyday IP addresses.

Download:  PeerBlock


4. Anti Netcut3

anti netcut3 Best Free Firewall

If you having Wi-Fi router connection and you don’t know who is going to spoof you connection and doing an unauthorized thing using your Internet Connection then you are must try this Anti-Netcut3 Firewall.

This firewall actually designed to block unwanted attacks attempts to cut or manipulate your internet connection.

You need to do only specify the network adapter to monitoring the whole activity on the internet connection, this firewall having a nice and simple interface and best protection and monitoring your Internet Connection.

Download: Anti Netcut3

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