How to Block Game Request on Facebook

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Block Game Request on Facebook:

The popularity Facebook of us is not hidden from all of us. We all know how famous it is today, on which we all spend most of our time.

For this reason, we have brought another superb WebHackMag Facebook tricks that will help you get rid of the game Requests On Facebook. We always come from someone friend like Game Requests like Candy Crush Saga, etc. which we do not like at all and we want to get rid of it. In this case, you will find this post “The Simple Way To Block Game Requests On Facebook in Hindi.” It’s going to be quite profitable.


When we are on Facebook it is not that all Game Requests do not look good, some Requests are those who are angry. So in this, we want to block a particular game and if you want the same, follow the steps below


Step 1.

Log in to your Facebook Accounts and click on the triangular icon located in the upper right corner and click on ‘Settings’. You can go directly to Settings by clicking here.

block Game request on facebook webhackmag


Step 2.

In this way, a new page will open which looks exactly like the bottom. Now here you click on ‘Blocking Tab’ which is on the left side of your page.

block Game request on facebook
Step 3.

Now the name of the page that you will have is ‘Manage Blocking’. Now when you go down, you will see the option of ‘Block Apps’. For help see the picture below.

block Game request on facebook

Step 4.

Now in this box, you type the name of the specific game that you want to block. For example, if I want to block Candy Crush Saga then I will write some first letter on it, after which its full name will come. Now click on it.

block Game request on facebook


Block by sending Game Requests to a specific Friend.


Now we sometimes get much more requests than any friend but everything else is fine, in such a way, we want them to be blocked only. Keep in mind that you do not block that friend completely by blocking Game Requests on Facebook.

Step 1.

Go to Settings> Blocking> Manage Blocking while following the previous steps.


Step 2.

Now go down and search for ‘Block Invites From’. For help see the picture below.

block Game request on facebook


Step 3.

Now you type the name of the friend in the box that you want to block from sending Game Requests. Now click on that friend’s name on it and you will not be able to send any Game Requests from now on.

So friends, through this easy Facebook Tricks you can easily Block Game Request on your Facebook inexplicably.


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